Sacred Energy with Dina Tibbs

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Sacred Energy with Dina Tibbs

Energy work has always been fascinating to me and specifically protecting my sacred energy. So in this episode I’m talking about sacred energy with Dina Tibbs, a spiritual mentor and feminine wisdom teacher.

When I refer to “feminine or masculine” energy here today it’s not in regard to gender. Everyone, no matter their gender has both feminine and masculine energy within them and the ability to call on either one in any given situation. Most of us don’t even think about this as it’s happening.

Do you need a feminine wisdom teacher?

You may have been pushing feminine energy down or away for so long you don’t think you have it anymore. That is what Dina does, she helps you re-establish a connection with your feminine energy so as to bring a benefit to your life. We used caretaking as an example of inviting feminine energy back into your life.

Women (and men too) evolve in energy.

For this we had a lengthy discussion on the Mother as an archetype, followed by the Queen, and then the Crone…. and then the Medial Woman. And we talked about how each of these different energies helps a women “walk” in the world. How it shapes who she is and how she shows up.

Why FUN is not just important, but imperative!

You need to play, whatever that means for you, just to be joyful. It doesn’t require a dissertation on the benefits of play. And this is how you use the various energies in different ways. True fun is for you to enjoy, not be competitive, as a sign of the distorted masculine.

Sacred energy and the “dark night of the soul”.

Cancer doesn’t have to be a “dark night of the soul”. In fact, it isn’t for many people. Dina’s cancer experience was expansive. It helped her see what was important in her life, what she needed to let go of, and what she should pursue instead.

One of the definitions of the dark night of the soul is when none of your energy connections are working. When you feel disconnected.

Dina Tibbs

When asked, as she is often asked, how to fix the shadows one possesses, her answer is to embrace and love those shadows as opposed to trying to fix them.

Here are some of my favorite moments from this episode:

  • 2:20 What is a spiritual mentor and feminine teacher?
  • 5:02 Caretaking as sacred energy.
  • 8:00 Mother as archetype.
  • 10:12 Feminine energy in the world.
  • 12:16 Dina’s cancer experience.
  • 17:49 The Queen, the Crone, and the Medial Woman.
  • 24:20 Freeing yourself from cancer.
  • 33:07 True fun and the distorted masculine.
  • 37:00 Leadership qualities of women.
  • 39:06 The Collective Dark Night of the Soul.

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