Episode 5: The one thing you need to overcome alcoholism and cancer with Nancy McKay.

by | May 14, 2020 | Podcasts

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My guest today has had a long history with alcohol. Her parents drank and she started drinking at a young age too. Her struggle with alcohol and journey in getting clean paved the way for her ability to deal with ovarian cancer.

In this candid conversation we talk about the difficulty of admitting loss of control with alcohol, the “old” image of what it meant to be an alcoholic and contrast that with the new reality. It’s not what you think….

We talk about how alcohol contributes to various cancers.

But most importantly, we talk about the one thing you need to overcome both – alcoholism and cancer – as well as many other hard things in life.

“What I’ve learned is that mindset has a huge role to play in anything that you do.”

Nancy McKay

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • 02:07 Nancy’s story of growing up with parents who abused alcohol.
  • 13:26 Is now a good or bad time to quit drinking.
  • 14:50 Behavioral change depends on mindset.
  • 15:44 Why it’s terrifying to admit an alcohol problem and the old image of an alcoholic.
  • 16:32 Your inner knowing and knowing when it’s time to stop drinking.
  • 18:33 The best way to stop drinking and the power of mindset and faith.
  • 24:59 Approaching cancer from a positive mindset.
  • 26:39 Statistics on alcohol and cancer.
  • 33:12 What’s the story you’re telling yourself?
  • 35:19 Relying on your network and community when doing hard things.
  • 38:47 What are you risking if you don’t get sober?
  • 44:17 What it means to live a life well-lived for Nancy.

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