Episode 54: Creating Spaces You Love with Erin Gaskins

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Episode 54: Creating Spaces You Love with Erin Gaskins

Creating spaces you love begins with knowing how you’re going to use them, what kind of elements make you happy and come alive, and how you like to express your personality.

Make your space authentically your own.

Something to think about when you are designing (and I use the word as loosely or strictly as you want to interpret it) your space is how you are going to use it. Will you be reading, working, or relaxing there?

What are the elements of space that you are drawn to? Do you love rooms with a lot of light or do you prefer spaces with low light? Do you like small, cozy spaces or big, vast areas?

What are your favorite colors? Do you like bright, vivacious colors or toned-down colors? Shiny or matte?

Do you have systems in place, like where to put incoming mail? What creates joy for you?Do you like to display lots of items or have a minimalist style?

Your space can bolster your health.

Spaces that are orderly and uncluttered are easier to find things in and are more than esthetically pleasing, they lower your stress level too!

Creating spaces you love can reduce your stress so you can live a healthier, happier life. That’s one of the things I most enjoy about my favorite spaces in my home – that I feel calm and secure in them. It allows me to relax and do what feels best in the moment – that could be reading, watching a movie, or engaging with guests.

When you’re more relaxed you’re more productive, more creative, and your immune system is stronger.

“When people are going through an illness, what people want in their space can change drastically.”

Erin Gaskins

Another thing that can help lower stress are plants. They’re a great way to bring the outdoors in and connect with nature. All plants give off chemicals that not only bring us oxygen, but also chemicals that are health-protective.

Who do you share your space with?

Creating spaces you love can mean sharing those spaces with others. It can also mean that it’s too much for you to take on yourself to arrange or create that perfect space.

For one thing, we’re not all organizers (or even good at it) or decorators, so it’s okay to call on others for help doing the things we aren’t good at or don’t have time or desire to do.

Here are some of my favorite moments from this episode:

  • 1:51 Erin’s connection to cancer.
  • 3:03 The birth of Room Redefined.
  • 8:40 Your space is uniquely your own.
  • 10:33 Spaces create joy.
  • 13:07 Well-created spaces lower your stress level.
  • 16:00 Feeling overstuffed.
  • 19:20 Do we really need all these rooms?
  • 24:36 Not doing it all yourself can be helpful.

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