Episode 27: First Anniversary Episode!

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Happy first anniversary episode for the Life Well-Lived Podcast! The idea for this podcast came two years ago. I mulled it over for a whole year before I got started and now I’m celebrating one year of podcast production! Oh my, how time flies!

I had actually made up my mind that 2020 was the year to start my podcast because I thought of all the promise a new decade would bring. Little did I know what was headed toward the whole world!

The Triad of Creation

When a baby is born, they say there were three parties involved in its creation – the mother, the father, and G-d (the Divine entity, as we are all created in the image of the Divine).

I feel much the same about creative endeavors. In the case of my podcast, it was me, my guest, and again, the Divine.

My podcast still feels very much like a new entity that hasn’t found its “legs” yet. It isn’t established. It still feels new. Like it needs nurturing, care, and looking after. So to say that it’s turning one, that I’ve just released a first anniversary episode, is a very big deal to me.

Looking back…

I started out interviewing people in person, sometimes in their closet (the most sound-proof room in their house), I’m sure they remember the awkwardness of that!

But when COVID hit, I had to make adjustments or there would be no more podcast. I learned quickly. I learned about industry tools, platforms, and programs that would help me grow and keep on recording new episodes, even when the guest was many miles away.

“We all want to feel healthy and safe, and know that our life has meaning and purpose.”

Regina Topelson

In order to stay relevant, it had to evolve.

I knew that if this podcast was going to be a real thing I couldn’t just interview friends and family. But honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing when I started and I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Looking forward…

As I look forward to the coming year, I’m evolving even more. I’m strategic about the guests I invite onto the show. I think about who you, my listener, might want to hear from and the topics of interest to them. I’m starting to plan the interviews around themes. Most of this is evolving naturally.

And I can honestly say, this year you’ll be hearing more experts talking about my six pillars of health (diet, sleep, stress, exercise, relationships, and toxins [DSSERT, yup, always thinking about food!]), but also some new, exciting, and maybe a little risqué too. I myself am curious to see where the podcast will take me this year.

And maybe that’s the point – to approach the process with curiosity, just like a child would approach the world. So I’ll stay curious and I hope that you’ll stay curious with me.

“Learn to live more fully today, through life’s great disruptor.”

Regina Topelson

It’s the first anniversary episode, but hopefully not the last.

Earlier I mentioned the triad that was part of the creation of this podcast, but there was one entity missing…. Part of what makes this podcast so special is you, the listener.

You, as the listener, are an essential part of this whole thing. Without you, there would be no reason to do this podcast (or any other). In my closing message, I always say that I’m grateful for you. And I truly am. I have you in mind in every interview, every question, every step of the way. And I honestly wish you, and all of humanity, well.

And I’m not just curious about the process of making podcasts or curating great interviews. I’m curious about you! Send me an email and tell me about yourself, your experience with cancer (if you have one), topics you’d like to hear about, or people you think I should interview.

With your input, together, we can elevate this podcast from good to amazing!

Highlights from the this first anniversary episode and a link to the whole episode are below.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • 1:47 Do the things that make you feel “normal”.
  • 3:05 How to actually be helpful, not just well-meaning.
  • 5:27 The importance of mindset and operating from faith, not fear.
  • 7:53 Feeling empowered on the cancer journey.
  • 8:50 Finding humor when things are heavy.
  • 11:27 Getting as many “opinions” as make you feel comfortable.
  • 13:27 The effect of stress on your body.
  • 15:33 Sleep as a source of stress reduction – CBT for insomnia and forest bathing for better sleep and an enhanced immune system.
  • 19:05 Exercise for keeping up your strength and mobility, and improving mental outlook.
  • 21:00 How meditation helps you with every aspect of your life.

Links mentioned in today’s podcast:

A new podcast will be released every second and fourth Thursday of each month.

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