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Episode 24: Fighting Pretty with Kara Skaflestad

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Podcasts | 0 comments

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More and more young women are being diagnosed with breast cancer. In this episode Kara Skaflestad shares how she started her non-profit organization supporting women going through cancer treatment, Fighting Pretty.

Something common to many young women is the use of birth control pills. But it should be noted that these medications are not without risk. For some women these medications are useful in that they normalize their periods, but for others, birth control pills are an unnecessary exposure to hormones. If you are concerned or have a family history of cancer, you should speak with your doctor before using birth control pills.

We’re all fighting pretty.

When Kara was going through treatment a friend’s mother sent her some pink boxing gloves to remind her she was strong. It was her own desire to remain vibrant and beautiful during the process that led her to put the boxing gloves and makeup, a scarf, and some other comfy goodies together to later support other women going through treatment.

“You’re not a cancer patient, you’re just going through cancer. You are a woman, you’re strong, and you’re beautiful.”

Kara Skaflestad

Finding the silver linings.

I like to say that cancer is the great disruptor in life. Because it is. Nothing will bring your life to a halt like illness. But as Kara and I both learned, there are many silver linings in life too.

Cancer makes you stop and re-examine everything about your life – your work, your friends, the way you spend your time, in short, it shows you with refined clarity what’s important and what’s not.

“The people who you love, who lift you up, and who you lift up is so important.”

Kara Skaflestad

But it also means adopting an attitude of kindness and empathy, recognizing that others are also going through something (even if they look gorgeous on the outside). If you know of women going through cancer, reach out to Fighting Pretty so they can feel supported. If it speaks to you, reach out to Fighting Pretty to see how you can help.

Highlights from the episode and a link to the whole episode are below.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

  • 2:00 Kara’s cancer experience.
  • 4:15 Was it genetic?
  • 11:28 The story of Fighting Pretty.
  • 18:45 Is a support group right for you?
  • 22:25 The best advice I ever got.
  • 23:10 The message behind Fighting Pretty.
  • 27:46 Embracing the glabrous (bald) look…. or not.
  • 33:08 That one time when your brother-in-law shaves your head…
  • 38:48 A reason, a season, and dating after cancer.
  • 39:50 When cancer turns life upside down and puts things into perspective.
  • 44:55 It’s all about the silver linings. It’s okay to be grateful for them.
  • 47:10 Every single person in the Universe goes through hard things.
  • 49:28 The role of nutrition and lifestyle in recovery.

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Episode 24: Fighting Pretty with Kara Skaflestad

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