Trick or Treat?

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Articles, Personal

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about how we treat ourselves and how we trick ourselves. Maybe because it’s Halloween. And candy is literally EVERYWHERE (not screaming, just emphasizing).

Sure, the phrase “trick or treat” refers to what kids say as they go door to door collecting candy from total strangers. Seems like a safe practice, right (read sarcasm here)?! Hopefully if you have kids, you are going through their bags of candy with a close eye and maybe sharing their loot with others.

But is this a practice, that we as adults, want to engage in?

I, personally, don’t eat candy. I gave up refined sugar years ago and have no intention to return to consuming it. It’s not a statement of what’s right or wrong, just my preference for myself.

It seems we trick ourselves into thinking that overindulging because of some prescribed reason (Halloween) makes it okay to do so. I’m guilty of this too. Recently, I bought ten business books! Ten, all at once! It’s probably less than buying a consultant, but still…. Maybe I would’ve been better served buying one book at a time, reading it, putting it into practice, and then buying the next one.

But I got excited!

When I ordered the books, I told myself I was treating myself to something good. Which is true. But, let’s be clear, it will turn into a trick (on me!) if I don’t do the work and put my new-found knowledge into practice.

The same is true for other things in life.

I am a dietitian and my clients ask me about how to eat for this condition or that condition, whatever they are seeking help for. Not everyone can treat themselves to a professional to help them make necessary changes to better their health. I know this, so I take my job as their partner in health very seriously. I want them to see results! However, just hiring me will not give them the results they seek. They have to do the work too. Otherwise, it could turn into a trick (on them)!

This brought me to the idea of other (healthy) ways we could treat ourselves. If you’re okay spending a little on yourself, a massage, a concert, a book, a show, a class you’ve been wanting to take, a yoga class, or a trip, are all great ways to treat yourself. If you’re looking for a low-key way to treat yourself, a hike or walk, working on a hobby or project you enjoy, spending time with someone you don’t get to see often or your pet, or just meditating could all be ways to give yourself more of you. Time spent in productive ways, always comes back to you with more positivity.

As we think about this season of indulgence, starting with Halloween, ask yourself, “how will I trick or treat myself?”

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